Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Catcha Media: The company which only cares about revenue but forgot that it lost money?!

If you are a shareholder of Catcha Media, try reading the below announcement.

Catcha Media Records Revenue Growth in 2011
Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia; 29 February 2012 - Catcha Media Berhad (“Catcha Media”) today announced its results for 2011, with revenue for Q4 2011 increased by 26% as compared to Q4 2010. This follows its previous announcement that its Q3 2011 revenue also showed an increase of 20% as compared to Q3 2010.

Said Mr Patrick Grove, CEO Catcha Media, “After experiencing growth through 2011, it is very exciting to see our business grow in Q4 2011 by another 26% as compared to Q3 2010. The internet and new media environment is moving very rapidly, and we are glad Catcha Media is remaining at the forefront of the industry.”

He continued, “Moving towards 2012, we anticipate even better financial performance, with significant growth in our e-commerce revenues. We are well positioned after a year of achievements and investment in 2011 to capitalise on the growth in the online and new media industries through the coming months and years, and have positioned us to expand in the new year. The overall operating result of the company for 2011 was affected by a number of non-recurring, one time charges and are natural for a new public company, though we are extremely pleased to have the company continuously growing at such an impressive rate.”

Catcha Media recently entered into an agreement to acquire Malaysia’s leading car classifieds website, This acquisition came not long after the successfully completion of the acquisition of, a leading luxury flash sales website. These acquisitions, coupled with the existing market-leading position held by Catcha Media including exclusive partnerships to operate Microsoft’s online properties in Malaysia and, gives the company almost 10 million Malaysian online customers and users on a monthly basis.
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Catcha Media Berhad

Note the word "revenue and growth" mentioned few times. BUT, where is the word loss or profit?

Then look at the financial performance for FY2011 below. I think they forgot that if you mentioned revenue and growth and things look so nice and dandy, then you forgot to tell your investor you carry losses for the period.

Is this a case of misreporting and misleading the shareholders? Can SC please look at this? Call a spade a spade, do not try to mislead investors!

Serious Investing!

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Stupid company!!!