Saturday, May 28, 2011

Portfolio performance - 27 May 2011

My little portfolio did very well since its commencement on 28 January 2011 - exactly 4 months ago. Overall based on my comparison of performance against KLCI and Malaysian Fixed Deposit average of 3%, the portfolio's return of 29.77% over 4 months thumped the others.
The portfolio are as follow i.e. the stocks which I recommended. (FYI, I actually put real money into the stocks with intention to evaluate the performance of the stocks over a long period. Hence I am actually putting money where my mouth is)

Over the last 4 months I have realised some small profit taking some advantage of the fluctuations. Although these are not my most preferred method of investment, I may take profit to make investments a little bit exciting rather than buy and hold for a long time. Over time, we may want to pat our own back if we do well. These are the realised profits:

As we are moving towards the ending of the first quarter reporting period, all the 4 stocks that I hold has performed well financially which is the main basis of my investment. Although I do not want to elaborate here, basically these companies that I invested in (as in you would have read in my other pieces in the blog) are well run companies. Besides these few stocks, I am currently studying several other exciting stocks which I may want to put up over time.

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