Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Portfolio Position - 6 Apr 2011

After investing for less than 3 months (the first investment was done on 28 January 2011) and with RM27,500, here is the portfolio position (the below is a real portfolio): Remember, I was talking about putting in money for my child's education. Let's see whether we can do it. I am going to put in more cash into investments if the time is right for me to put in more or any of the stocks become attractive in terms of prices. During the period, I have sold twice and made RM677.90 (although the below table shows RM612.58, the actual profit is higher due to lower brokerage fee paid as compared to the reported table). Cash position stands at RM245.90.
Hence in effect, the profitability is as follows:

This blog is in effect to proof to those potential investors that with a small amount, you can still make a difference with the money you have. A caution though, while investments do provide better returns over a long period, it can be more volatile. Hence do not be let down if your investments do not return you as expected. More importantly, learn from mistakes and do your homework. Can be fun!

Serious Investing!

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